Hanging Garment Installations
Automated Warehouses

Carousel Storage

Used for overhead storage of hung garments, this system brings the garment directly to the operators work station. The garments are hung from a rotating carousel and can be recalled by either semi automatic of fully automated means. The garment search can be computerised or directed by the operator. This product is suited for storage capacities that do not exceed 10.000 garments.

M28-M40 monorail overhead conveyors are used to transfer a diverse range of material leaving vast areas free for productive use while connecting dislocated production areas without interfering with on ground activity. In this way the METALSISTEM monorails enable the creation of assembly lines, painting lines, buffers and alike connecting production areas without requiring human intervention. The unit loads can be hung off special supports (even personalised supports) or placed on fixed hangers. Monorails permit unit loads to enter areas inaccessible to humans or other equivalent systems (ovens are a typical example).
Monorails can be applied to a multitude of situations and materials.

Monorails are designed using modular elements which are supplied pre assembled, thus allowing for versatility, speed and economy of assembly.
Monorail systems are low consumers of electrical energy and do not require frequent maintenance intervention. They can be supplied with short lead times and can be easily modified or extended, but above all, monorails are relatively low in cost.

Dual Rail Conveyors with Trolleys

A particularly adaptable solution consisting of a combination of mechanised and manual overhead conveyor lines. Trolleys, used to carry garments or other items, are made from indestructible plastic materials with wheels on bearings. The installations are programmable using a system of switches activated by bar codes, or other electronic commands, to direct the trolleys around the installation. These systems can carry capacities ranging up to 7000 garments per hour.
This conveyor system (B28-B40) is similar to the monorail in the method used to pull the unit loads however it differentiates itself in that the unit load is not connected directly to the chain but to a trolley which in turn is towed by the primary rail along a second rail (load bearing) hence the name "dual rail".
The chain, retaining only a towing function, has enormously reduced its load bearing capacity requirements.

This solutions enables even more diverse applications not feasible with monorail systems such as:
1) The trolleys can be accumulated one behind the other without leaving empty spaces thanks to the unique design of the flexible towing hooks. Therefore trolleys can be blocked in dedicated holding lines, allowing other trolleys to transit, before proceeding on command.
2) Greater load bearing capacity per trolley with lower energy consumption.
3) Possibility of blocking the trolleys without stopping the conveyor line with the resulting advantage of not effecting the other trolleys of the conveyor system.
4) Possibility of blocking the trolleys without stopping the conveyor line with the resulting advantage of not effecting the other trolleys of the conveyor system.

Mobile Garment Loader

Mobile Garment Loaders are an ideal solution for loading and unloading lorries accessorised for hung garment transportation. This solution has a handling capacity of 10,000 garments per hour.

Telescopic System

Telescopic systems can either be manual, semi or fully automatic and are used to transfer garments, subdivided into client and model categories, directly from the conveyor lines to the lorries.
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