Rack for CD's or DVD's

METALSISTEM is glad to present the latest item available within the SUPERINOX range: "media-TINO", a functional media rack for the storage of CD's or DVD's, made from stainless steel.

The structure can also be used as a trendy bookshelf. The item has been designed with 7 levels, for an overall storage capacity of 84 items in standard width (10.5 mm) or 126 items in slim cases (7mm). Each level is composed of two arms. The upper one can be adjusted in height, depending on the dimensions of the items to be stored.

The rack comes preassembled and packaged in a cardboard box. METALSISTEM is able to provide personalised CD-Rs and DVD-Rs through its own media division and manufacture premises, at a competitive pricing.

"Media Tino" setting

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