Modular steel structures
for photovoltaic systems

METALSISTEM, a leading manufacturer of industrial steel storage systems for more than 40 years, proudly presents its latest innovative product: a series of patented, specific components and accessories designed to provide a modular system for the support of solar panels. Thanks to its ongoing commitment to Research & Development, a large number of patents has been obtained throughout its company history.
Based on the peculiar "SUPER 4-5-6" upright section, this new system is highly flexible and allows for a boltless assembly of solar panels. Many different applications and solutions can be achieved with this innovative system, such as:

Ground mounted systems
In this application, solar panels are assembled into arrays on a mounting system, made from bipost uprights and beams. The beams allow for a uniformly distributed support of solar panels at pitches of 33 mm, thus avoiding deflection of the solar panels, stagnation or backwater. One of the main advantages of the system is that the solar panels are fastened onto the rack by means of a boltless system.
Flat Roof
In this case the solar panel support structure is designed according to individual requirements and fixed onto an existing flat roof, allowing for the most convenient inclination of the solar panels. The support frames may be designed for 1, 2, 3 or 4 solar panels to be inserted vertically.
Cantilever Roofs - Solar Sheds
A cantilevered structure allows for surfaces to support solar panels.
Pitched Roof
In this case, the previous roofing is substituted by a new roof structure, whereby the inclined part of the roofing is used for the application of solar panels and the remaining vertical sides are clad or equipped with roof windows.
Wintergarden & Greenhouses at single or multiple pitches, covered by solar panels
Inclination of solar panels towards the south, allowing for plenty of light to enter into the structure through the remaining sides.
Pallet Racking Installation integrated with solar panels
This is an innovative combination whereby the load bearing function of a pallet racking installation is integrated with a support structure on top designed to support solar panels.


Technical notes
The various supporting systems are based on a patented, modular, adjustable upright section used in many other applications as well, mainly within industrial storage. Given that the items are manufactured within a fully automated manufacture process and mass production at our premises, they distinguish themselves by a remarkable cost efficiency and competitiveness.
The system is designed with a specific fastening device allowing for a quick and easy assembly of the solar panels. The single solar panel is inserted into the supports and subsequently locked by a patented, boltless antitheft device.
The overall system is extremely versatile, allowing for an easy adjustment of inclination and pitches, according to single project requirements.
Once assembled, the supporting structure is solid, sturdy and able to withstand both the outside environment as well as the loads to which it is subjected.
Given that the system allows for multiple and uniformly distributed support points for the solar panels, the latter are less subject to tension, thus avoiding microfractures and subsequent loss of performance. The multiple support points also help to avoid stagnation and backwater as well as potential oxidation.
Compared to other systems made from aluminium, steel provides a higher resistance against thermal expansion, thus preventing solar panels from overstress.
The system has been conceived with various accessories designed for the easy integration and fastening of different components and ancillary equipment of solar plants, such as busways, boards, etc.
The profiles are made from prime quality, zinc coated steel (zinc coating according to the SENDZIMIR procedure) ensuring a high level of durability. For increased protection, the profiles may be additionally powdercoated.
Both upright and beam sections are made from completely closed box sections, without perforations, cuts or holes. Thanks to the closed sections and a fastening system that is fully adjustable, the system withstands the outside environment much better compared to other systems presenting surface areas with cuts or perforations that are susceptible to atmospheric corrosion.
Given that the system is boltless, assembly times may be reduced up to -30%.
Fencing Systems made from zinc coated steel ensure a high level of durability. Thanks to their industrial manufacture and utmost ease of assembly, METALSISTEM fencing systems distinguish themselves by an unequalled cost efficiency.
METALSISTEM fencing solutions for solar parks are based on a standard height of 2 metres and modules in 2560 mm width. Modular gates are also available for supply, in standard widths of 2500 mm.
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